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Mama Megs
19 September 2017 @ 01:03 pm

Oh man. I actually found a place that, on paper, would be almost perfect for us to rent. For one thing, it's basically just beyond our current back yard (there's a green belt beyond our back yard, in between some of the houses back there). It's KIND OF affordable, in that it's at the top of our budget, but doable. I talked to the manager today, explaining that we couldn't move in till Nov 1st, minimum, but that we had the entire deposit (which is an entire months rent) to put down to hold the place.  She told me that she had several applications submitted lately, and needs to rent the place for October, but is willing to show it to us tomorrow anyway. I'm super torn right now. With my goddamn mother coming in next week, I'm willing to pay an extra 2200 for a month we don't even need, and just take 6 weeks to move, basically across the street (it's not a grid, it's actually a couple of blocks when you get on the streets, but we have a fence to the green belt, so maybe we could use tgat when moving). If I even SUGGEST this to Justin, he'll fight me on it all the way, as he probably should. Also, she is probably bluffing, the property has been listed for 88 days now. Except it's MY MOM, AND MY MONEY. My brother has been home for 24 hours, I'm ready to move right fucking now. What day you, friends? How far would you go?