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27 March 2012 @ 05:48 pm
Earlier today, Sean said "Oh Sissy. You're SOOOO CUTE!" and then went up and gave her a hug and a kiss. I was kicking myself for not getting that on camera, even though it was out of the blue. Then I was video-ing Sadie to see if she was saying she had an owchie in her head, instead of an ocean, and I got a little bit of Mommy Gold instead.

DishaPeachesdishapeaches on March 28th, 2012 04:34 am (UTC)
OMG this is the cutest video EVAR.
Miss Ashleyimagine_peace on March 28th, 2012 11:16 am (UTC)
Love it! :D
Just★Jennjust_jenn on March 28th, 2012 02:23 pm (UTC)
Sadie's voice is ridiculously cute!